whats up guys hit me up at Old Crow Tattoo Gallery. Im currently working here!! See you soon!!!www.oldcrowtattoo.comAwesome!!! Checkout some of my work and some cool art at this website.http://www.lostateminor.com/2013/02/01/beautiful-tattoos-by-san-franciscos-joseph-realubit/

I am a visual artist who works with painting and tattoo art, and because I am passionate with both mediums, tattooing allowed me to project both forms onto human skin.

I pull inspiration from the natural, organic world, then I implements my own use of modern color, texture, and depth in the realm of tattoo art. My work can be described as saturated and rich in color and dimensional in texture. In the same vein, my artistic background allowed me for flexibility with no restriction to one solitary "style." My portfolio displays my devotion in providing the client with their desired tattoo style and originality as well.

My education began at the University of Philippines - Manilla where I pursued a Bachelor's in Fine Arts with a concentration in painting. After migrating to the United States, I continued my education at the Illinois Institute of Art, earning a Bachelor's of Arts in Graphic Design. With my background, painting and tattooing became the next most appropriate and challenging medium for me. My exploration of my own artistic and technical abilities has allowed me to tattoo with its desired quality. Up to this day, I continualy push my self to tattoo beyond its conventional boundaries.

Receiving a tattoo from me involves completing several stages. First, I discuss the tattoos with the client. From there, the client and I will move forward with the visual interpretation stage. I will sketch out the concept assembling my own style, flow and design, resulting in a dynamic, original piece of art. Collaborating with the client allows me the freedom to please both artistic integrity simultaneously. Therefore the client can look forward to an enjoyable experience.

I currently reside in San Francisco California, to continually expand my artistic endeavours and enlightenment.